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He replied back to me pretty quickly and we continued to have a basic conversation about our lives despite him offering his number to me right off the bat. He brought up texting each other instead a couple messages later but I told him I’d rather talk through the website for the time being. Wondering why I was weary about him? His profile stated that he worked for the government in a city very much known to be populated with people from the Navy. The same city the first Navy guy was living in. I knew he was going to be in the navy and that worried me. Mostly because I didn’t know how many Navy guys lived there and how close they all were to each other. If this guy knew the other guy I dated, I thought it would be totally awkward for everyone involved. Because of this worry, in fact, I had ignored other guys in that city who were in the Navy who had messaged me prior.

I gave in and asked if he was in the Navy and he gave me the answer I already knew. I don’t quite remember what feeling provoked me to do so, but one night I randomly sent him a text. I had his number from the first message he sent me and I wanted to talk to him more. That started a huge string of texts lasting for hours then for days. A few days after we first began talking, he wanted to take me out. I was interested in him, but playing it safe to feel him out more, I told him I wanted to talk more first and that we did. We texted constantly and added each other on Facebook and of course I creeped on him and his pictures as much as I could. I have to admit his pictures made me a little confused. From adding him on Facebook I discovered that the pictures he posted on the dating website were older, several years older by the looks of it. He didn’t have many pictures of himself on Facebook and the couple more recent photos of him he looked quite a bit different; bulkier, but more in shape as well as sporting a shaven head, attractive regardless. It made me wonder what he’d actually look like.

He didn’t wait long to push the idea of going out again and by that time I was really beginning to like him, so I said yes and we set it up. I was to drive to his house to meet and then we would drive together to go out to dinner. At this point in my dating life, I had been on so many first dates in a short amount of time that I was over the whole nervous thing, which is weird for me as I tend to get anxious over EVERYTHING. I wore my “first date outfit” (nice tank and skirt) and went on trying to find my way to his house (he lived about 45 minutes away from me). Of course traffic is backed up as it tends to be going out that way and I send him a quick text to tell him I’ll likely be late, he tells me it’s no big deal and to just get there safely. I finally make it there and pull into his driveway. I do the whole, glance into the rearview mirror to make sure I look OK, but barely have enough time as he walks out the front door of the house while I’m still sitting in the car.