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Of course I was upset when my previous plans to visit Df fell through, as posted before. We’ve had a tentative date for me to go see him, but it’s closing in fast and I’ve yet to make any concrete plans to do with it. Again, the Navy can’t stick to a schedule, what else is new. I’ve been waiting for Df’s ship to hit a certain milestone, but that event keeps getting delayed more and more and more. I can’t make any plans until it happens, for fear it’ll keep getting delayed so much it’ll run into our planned vacation date.

I’m frustrated, again. Today could make the difference, however. By tomorrow morning I may very well know if our new date is going to work out or not and it’s making me really anxious. If this new date doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what the next step will be.

Df’s been really lovey dovey lately, not a bad thing, but I can tell he’s really missing me a lot and I’m really missing him too. I’ve been trying to be optimistic and semi-planning the trip as if it’s for sure. I’ve been trying to find us fun things to do there and it makes me feel a little bit better. I just hope we actually get the chance to do these things.