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Only just prior to meeting DF had I figured out what I wanted to do with my life (career-wise). After attending school for 3 years studying generic biology, I was getting ready to graduate a year early when I realized I had no idea what to do once I had graduated. I somehow fell upon a program to be a medical lab technologist at a school where my friend Doctor and a couple other friends attended. I applied immediately not really thinking that I would actually get accepted, because my grades were not the best. Because of my grades, I also applied as a transfer, thinking I would have a better shot at getting accepted.

Imagine my surprise when I was not only accepted at this school, but was also given scholarships which covered about 2/3s of the tuition! Apparently the field I was entering was so small and in demand that they were absolutely desperate for people, worked well in my favor. At that point in time I was able to enter as a junior and have just completed that year. While this is a bachelor’s program, I had intended to get my master’s in the same field, which would take 2-3 more semesters. Well of course my plans all changed when I met DF.

I am waiting to move to Guam until Next summer in order to finish school. I have decided to not earn my master’s because at my current school because I could not imagine spending another year to two years being away from him. I figured I could always pursue a Master’s later, and even if I didn’t, my bachelor’s will give me a nice and stable career anyways. A master’s would simply allow me to earn more money as a lab manager.

An idea sparked just today to search for online master’s degrees in lab management. Considering the curriculum to be involved, I thought that it could exist and discovered it does! I found a school in New Jersey that offers a full 30 credit Master’s degree in lab management entirely online! I was so excited and will now be looking into it. The school is not too too far from where I am now so I could also go check it out in person. I’m excited for the idea that I might be able to go to school still while working in Guam. This could change a lot.