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This navy guy was stationed in a city decently far away from me, but he offered to drive down and have a date where I lived, if I could find us a place to go. I suggested a new barbeque place that had just opened up that was already famous for their food; he picked me up and we went. It was a decent dinner and the conversation flowed pretty OK, but after dinner got a little awkward. Dinner didn’t last as long as I thought it might and I didn’t think beforehand of what else to do afterwards. Ending it there seemed a little too soon, but my mind was blank on what to do. It was too rainy to be outside and all other ideas seemed like bad ones. We ended up driving around in his car for awhile and then he parked it about a block from my house so we could sit and talk for a bit more. Conversation was dim at that point and I kind of got the feeling he just wasn’t that into me. Ok, I can take a hint. The date ended with me feeling so-so about it.

We talked a little bit after that date, he invited me to a party that was the next weekend (it felt like he was sending me all kinds of mixed signals). That weekend came and passed and I never did hear from him again. I forgot about him, went on a few more first dates and was still dating Camaro in the mean time. A couple weeks later, a different friend of Duke’s, who I would consider an acquaintance of mine at the time, caught my eye. We’ll call him Hamlet. I had known Hamlet for a while and he had tried to get with me years before when I was in that shitty relationship. I talked to him for a while and went to his house a few times, but in the end just like Duke’s other friend, he wasn’t sure he wanted a commitment. That was enough for me to end it. Around the same time that ended, Camaro also disappeared off the map. He had a planned vacation with his friends for a week and he never contacted me during or afterwards. I was OK with that, I made no attempt to contact him either. We had dated for about a month and a half and it was going nowhere.

I was now at square one again, almost. I hadn’t really been on the online site since speaking to Hamlet, so I decided to hop back on there. I was slammed with probably over a hundred new messages because of my short absence and I really didn’t feel like going through them all. I really didn’t even read a lot of them and based my choice to read them or not on their subject line. I only sent one message to one person that night and I almost didn’t even do that because his background made me really weary to answer.