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There is now (again) a tentative date set for going down to see my DF in Hawaii in the middle of August. It’s looking really good, but then again so did the past date… (which would have been next week). He says he’s signed up for a mandatory class that week, but that’s what makes that week awesome. He goes to this class instead of working and only has to go in for about half his normal hours (he should be out by 3pm everyday instead of 8-9pm). This could work out even better than our original plan! The only thing he is worried about, is the fact he will be “cranking” during this time (you should Google it… but in simple terms cranking is mandatory cooking/serving to your shipmates). DF’s pretty sure the class will take priority over the cranking, but who does ever know.
My plan: As long as he’s physically there and not on his boat, I’m coming no matter what.

I think I’m going to wait until his sea trials are done and if nothing has changed by then, buy the airline tickets and hope for the best (because in the meantime tickets to Hawaii go up $25-50 everyday).

I have some expectations for Hawaii, that I’m not sure whether or not I should have. While I refer to DF as my fiance, we are not official, as in, I don’t have a ring yet. We have, however, discussed marriage many many times and we will be getting married soon. We even considered eloping in Hawaii, but thought twice because our families would not be there. It looks like we will more than likely be getting married when I graduate from college in the spring. Graduate, get married, move to Guam (or where ever the Navy decides to send us). With these things in mind, I really want my ring… In fact, if I don’t get my proposal when I go down there, I will actually be very disappointed. A limited few people (friends) know our plans about marriage and I didn’t want to announce it until he officially proposed to me. I’m not exactly sure how to bring up the ring conversation without seeming like that’s all I want. I want him, but that the ring will make it feel more real, like it’s coming soon. I’ve conveniently “liked” a couple rings on Facebook. How’s that for a hint? I mean, I have to let him know what I like…

If it doesn’t happen, I will complain to him, I mean, we were going to elope… let’s at least get engaged. I also want to talk to him about planning the wedding when I’m there. It’d be about 8 months until we got married by then, and I think that’s a pretty standard time to start planning things (I DO have to find a dress!). In the mean time, I’ll hope I get what I want and be glad I’m getting to see him (as it may be a loooooong time until that happens again…. another reason I want my ring now!).