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My DF is currently stationed in Pearl Harbor on a submarine, but he has only been there for about 2 months now. Reading the little fine print from his orders, his boat is set to change stations to Guam later this year. Apparently now, there is a rumor going around his boat that once they get to Guam, many people are going to be assigned to different boats due to having way too many people at the moment. I have a feeling, since DF is so new to the boat, that he is likely to be moved if this happens.

If his boat is changed one or two things will happen:
1. New boat is stationed in Guam and he will stay there
2. New boat is stationed elsewhere and he will move

Oh boy I’m kinda wishing for #2… There is the off chance he will be moved somewhere I’d consider “worse” than Guam, i.e. Japan, but I’m trying to be hopeful. Wherever he is, I will be moving there a little less than a year from now. Nothing against Guam, it seems like a beautiful place, but so foreign to me and about 10,000 miles away from everyone else I know. If he stayed in Hawaii, it would be amazing, p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Hawaii was at the top of his list for places to be stationed and they teased him with it. He was upset when he found out he was going to Guam after only a few months. Plus, I wouldn’t mind Hawaii at all! Really though, anywhere in the continental US would be fine with me, other than Hawaii or course. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s up to neither of us. I just have to hope for the best and no matter what the result is, I’ll be living there.