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While I’m always proud of my man for serving our country, sometimes the military just plain sucks.

I haven’t seen my DF (Dear Fiance) in about 2 months now and I was looking oh so forward to seeing him in 2 weeks time in Hawaii (his current station) but of course that would be too good to be true. What happened? DF’s sub decided to do sea trials THE SAME EXACT WEEK as I was planning on going!!! That WOULD be my luck!! At first it was fine, because he would get back (after about 5 days at sea) the same day I would get there, but on Tuesday I find out they delayed the trials a day and yesterday I find out they delayed it another day…. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to explain it.

There are time constraints as well… DF is being stationed in Guam by November and I start school again at the end of August. I am in the medical field and will, quite literally, have no time off until I graduate in the spring (maybe a few days for Christmas…). His schedule is beyond unpredictable and he may not have any time to see me for the next year (nor was I planning on him having any time). This makes the time crunch so stressful. We have set a new trip goal for the middle of August, but first he must find out more about the sea trials and if there will be anymore after this initial one that ruined my hopes and dreams. Even if they say “no” now, they always have that right to change their minds and boy do they do that often. DF was supposed to snoop into it today and let me know when he calls tonight, here’s hoping for some good news for once.

I’ll provide some background to DF and I’s relationship later… I just really had to let that all out. I’ve been so stressed and anxious about the whole thing and there’s nothing either of us can do to help it along.