Our Story [Part 3]



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He replied back to me pretty quickly and we continued to have a basic conversation about our lives despite him offering his number to me right off the bat. He brought up texting each other instead a couple messages later but I told him I’d rather talk through the website for the time being. Wondering why I was weary about him? His profile stated that he worked for the government in a city very much known to be populated with people from the Navy. The same city the first Navy guy was living in. I knew he was going to be in the navy and that worried me. Mostly because I didn’t know how many Navy guys lived there and how close they all were to each other. If this guy knew the other guy I dated, I thought it would be totally awkward for everyone involved. Because of this worry, in fact, I had ignored other guys in that city who were in the Navy who had messaged me prior.

I gave in and asked if he was in the Navy and he gave me the answer I already knew. I don’t quite remember what feeling provoked me to do so, but one night I randomly sent him a text. I had his number from the first message he sent me and I wanted to talk to him more. That started a huge string of texts lasting for hours then for days. A few days after we first began talking, he wanted to take me out. I was interested in him, but playing it safe to feel him out more, I told him I wanted to talk more first and that we did. We texted constantly and added each other on Facebook and of course I creeped on him and his pictures as much as I could. I have to admit his pictures made me a little confused. From adding him on Facebook I discovered that the pictures he posted on the dating website were older, several years older by the looks of it. He didn’t have many pictures of himself on Facebook and the couple more recent photos of him he looked quite a bit different; bulkier, but more in shape as well as sporting a shaven head, attractive regardless. It made me wonder what he’d actually look like.

He didn’t wait long to push the idea of going out again and by that time I was really beginning to like him, so I said yes and we set it up. I was to drive to his house to meet and then we would drive together to go out to dinner. At this point in my dating life, I had been on so many first dates in a short amount of time that I was over the whole nervous thing, which is weird for me as I tend to get anxious over EVERYTHING. I wore my “first date outfit” (nice tank and skirt) and went on trying to find my way to his house (he lived about 45 minutes away from me). Of course traffic is backed up as it tends to be going out that way and I send him a quick text to tell him I’ll likely be late, he tells me it’s no big deal and to just get there safely. I finally make it there and pull into his driveway. I do the whole, glance into the rearview mirror to make sure I look OK, but barely have enough time as he walks out the front door of the house while I’m still sitting in the car.


For A Change


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Some good news! Df’s boat finally made it to the milestone we’ve both been waiting for! This means all is looking super dooper good for a trip to go see him! In fact, I’ve bought my ticket and I’m ready to see him soon, very soon in fact. There is still a small chance that it could not work out, but that’s slim and I’m trying not to think about how terrible that would be. I haven’t been able to speak with him for some time because he’s been on his boat, but I’m hoping when he’s back things will still be good to go.

I’m super excited for this. All that’s left is to book the hotel and rent-a-car and we will be good to go.

Here’s to good news!

Venting: The Sequal


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Of course I was upset when my previous plans to visit Df fell through, as posted before. We’ve had a tentative date for me to go see him, but it’s closing in fast and I’ve yet to make any concrete plans to do with it. Again, the Navy can’t stick to a schedule, what else is new. I’ve been waiting for Df’s ship to hit a certain milestone, but that event keeps getting delayed more and more and more. I can’t make any plans until it happens, for fear it’ll keep getting delayed so much it’ll run into our planned vacation date.

I’m frustrated, again. Today could make the difference, however. By tomorrow morning I may very well know if our new date is going to work out or not and it’s making me really anxious. If this new date doesn’t work out, I’m not sure what the next step will be.

Df’s been really lovey dovey lately, not a bad thing, but I can tell he’s really missing me a lot and I’m really missing him too. I’ve been trying to be optimistic and semi-planning the trip as if it’s for sure. I’ve been trying to find us fun things to do there and it makes me feel a little bit better. I just hope we actually get the chance to do these things.

When Plans Change


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Only just prior to meeting DF had I figured out what I wanted to do with my life (career-wise). After attending school for 3 years studying generic biology, I was getting ready to graduate a year early when I realized I had no idea what to do once I had graduated. I somehow fell upon a program to be a medical lab technologist at a school where my friend Doctor and a couple other friends attended. I applied immediately not really thinking that I would actually get accepted, because my grades were not the best. Because of my grades, I also applied as a transfer, thinking I would have a better shot at getting accepted.

Imagine my surprise when I was not only accepted at this school, but was also given scholarships which covered about 2/3s of the tuition! Apparently the field I was entering was so small and in demand that they were absolutely desperate for people, worked well in my favor. At that point in time I was able to enter as a junior and have just completed that year. While this is a bachelor’s program, I had intended to get my master’s in the same field, which would take 2-3 more semesters. Well of course my plans all changed when I met DF.

I am waiting to move to Guam until Next summer in order to finish school. I have decided to not earn my master’s because at my current school because I could not imagine spending another year to two years being away from him. I figured I could always pursue a Master’s later, and even if I didn’t, my bachelor’s will give me a nice and stable career anyways. A master’s would simply allow me to earn more money as a lab manager.

An idea sparked just today to search for online master’s degrees in lab management. Considering the curriculum to be involved, I thought that it could exist and discovered it does! I found a school in New Jersey that offers a full 30 credit Master’s degree in lab management entirely online! I was so excited and will now be looking into it. The school is not too too far from where I am now so I could also go check it out in person. I’m excited for the idea that I might be able to go to school still while working in Guam. This could change a lot.

Our Story [Part 2]


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Don’t start from the middle! Read Part 1 here: Our Story [Part 1]

This navy guy was stationed in a city decently far away from me, but he offered to drive down and have a date where I lived, if I could find us a place to go. I suggested a new barbeque place that had just opened up that was already famous for their food; he picked me up and we went. It was a decent dinner and the conversation flowed pretty OK, but after dinner got a little awkward. Dinner didn’t last as long as I thought it might and I didn’t think beforehand of what else to do afterwards. Ending it there seemed a little too soon, but my mind was blank on what to do. It was too rainy to be outside and all other ideas seemed like bad ones. We ended up driving around in his car for awhile and then he parked it about a block from my house so we could sit and talk for a bit more. Conversation was dim at that point and I kind of got the feeling he just wasn’t that into me. Ok, I can take a hint. The date ended with me feeling so-so about it.

We talked a little bit after that date, he invited me to a party that was the next weekend (it felt like he was sending me all kinds of mixed signals). That weekend came and passed and I never did hear from him again. I forgot about him, went on a few more first dates and was still dating Camaro in the mean time. A couple weeks later, a different friend of Duke’s, who I would consider an acquaintance of mine at the time, caught my eye. We’ll call him Hamlet. I had known Hamlet for a while and he had tried to get with me years before when I was in that shitty relationship. I talked to him for a while and went to his house a few times, but in the end just like Duke’s other friend, he wasn’t sure he wanted a commitment. That was enough for me to end it. Around the same time that ended, Camaro also disappeared off the map. He had a planned vacation with his friends for a week and he never contacted me during or afterwards. I was OK with that, I made no attempt to contact him either. We had dated for about a month and a half and it was going nowhere.

I was now at square one again, almost. I hadn’t really been on the online site since speaking to Hamlet, so I decided to hop back on there. I was slammed with probably over a hundred new messages because of my short absence and I really didn’t feel like going through them all. I really didn’t even read a lot of them and based my choice to read them or not on their subject line. I only sent one message to one person that night and I almost didn’t even do that because his background made me really weary to answer.

Happens For a Reason


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There is now (again) a tentative date set for going down to see my DF in Hawaii in the middle of August. It’s looking really good, but then again so did the past date… (which would have been next week). He says he’s signed up for a mandatory class that week, but that’s what makes that week awesome. He goes to this class instead of working and only has to go in for about half his normal hours (he should be out by 3pm everyday instead of 8-9pm). This could work out even better than our original plan! The only thing he is worried about, is the fact he will be “cranking” during this time (you should Google it… but in simple terms cranking is mandatory cooking/serving to your shipmates). DF’s pretty sure the class will take priority over the cranking, but who does ever know.
My plan: As long as he’s physically there and not on his boat, I’m coming no matter what.

I think I’m going to wait until his sea trials are done and if nothing has changed by then, buy the airline tickets and hope for the best (because in the meantime tickets to Hawaii go up $25-50 everyday).

I have some expectations for Hawaii, that I’m not sure whether or not I should have. While I refer to DF as my fiance, we are not official, as in, I don’t have a ring yet. We have, however, discussed marriage many many times and we will be getting married soon. We even considered eloping in Hawaii, but thought twice because our families would not be there. It looks like we will more than likely be getting married when I graduate from college in the spring. Graduate, get married, move to Guam (or where ever the Navy decides to send us). With these things in mind, I really want my ring… In fact, if I don’t get my proposal when I go down there, I will actually be very disappointed. A limited few people (friends) know our plans about marriage and I didn’t want to announce it until he officially proposed to me. I’m not exactly sure how to bring up the ring conversation without seeming like that’s all I want. I want him, but that the ring will make it feel more real, like it’s coming soon. I’ve conveniently “liked” a couple rings on Facebook. How’s that for a hint? I mean, I have to let him know what I like…

If it doesn’t happen, I will complain to him, I mean, we were going to elope… let’s at least get engaged. I also want to talk to him about planning the wedding when I’m there. It’d be about 8 months until we got married by then, and I think that’s a pretty standard time to start planning things (I DO have to find a dress!). In the mean time, I’ll hope I get what I want and be glad I’m getting to see him (as it may be a loooooong time until that happens again…. another reason I want my ring now!).

Rumor Has It


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My DF is currently stationed in Pearl Harbor on a submarine, but he has only been there for about 2 months now. Reading the little fine print from his orders, his boat is set to change stations to Guam later this year. Apparently now, there is a rumor going around his boat that once they get to Guam, many people are going to be assigned to different boats due to having way too many people at the moment. I have a feeling, since DF is so new to the boat, that he is likely to be moved if this happens.

If his boat is changed one or two things will happen:
1. New boat is stationed in Guam and he will stay there
2. New boat is stationed elsewhere and he will move

Oh boy I’m kinda wishing for #2… There is the off chance he will be moved somewhere I’d consider “worse” than Guam, i.e. Japan, but I’m trying to be hopeful. Wherever he is, I will be moving there a little less than a year from now. Nothing against Guam, it seems like a beautiful place, but so foreign to me and about 10,000 miles away from everyone else I know. If he stayed in Hawaii, it would be amazing, p-e-r-f-e-c-t. Hawaii was at the top of his list for places to be stationed and they teased him with it. He was upset when he found out he was going to Guam after only a few months. Plus, I wouldn’t mind Hawaii at all! Really though, anywhere in the continental US would be fine with me, other than Hawaii or course. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s up to neither of us. I just have to hope for the best and no matter what the result is, I’ll be living there.

Our Story [Part 1]


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It started at the beginning of last summer when I began talking to one of my best friend’s (we’ll call him Duke for future reference) friend and we hit it off right away. I wasn’t really looking to date anyone prior to meeting him, but I couldn’t resist how well we seemed to click. We talked for a while and went out once and then again about a week later. It didn’t work out. He was a nice guy, but VERY unreliable. Always asking if we could reschedule and such and it really got on my nerves (only to find out later he wasn’t really looking for a girlfriend anyways…). Although short, this started a cascade of events in me.

I decided I was ready to date again. I had been out of a long, serious (and long distance…) relationship that ended badly for almost a year at that point, and I was finally ready to let it all go and give someone better a shot.The only problem was that I was in summer classes all day, 5 days a week, with a lot of “homework”, all summer long. It was organic chem II and it was kicking my ass for the second time. It made it hard to get out and it made me not want to go out, but I was really ready too meet some new people. Another best friend of mine (we’ll refer to him as Doctor) mentioned that he was on quite a few dating sites, mostly for shits and giggles, but that he had talked to some people and thought it was worth a shot. I thought about it for a while and decided I’d try it out, what’s the worst that could happen?

I went home and signed up to one of those free well known dating sites. I took about an hour to write up some things about me and uploaded a few pictures. Within 5 minutes of setting it up, I already had half a dozen messages from guys trying to start a conversation with me. I didn’t know what to think, I was not expecting any contact so quickly, but I was in for a huge surprise. It became normal for me to receive dozens and dozens of messages from different men everyday. It was so overwhelming, that honestly, I ignored the large majority of them. I felt bad, but at the same time there was just too many messages to take the time to “reject” everyone I wasn’t interested in. I dated A LOT of guys… at the same time. The large majority were one-timers; one date was enough for me to know it wasn’t going to work. Overall, however, there were no guys that were terrible. They were all respectful and my online dating experience was quite successful because I was smart about it.

One of the only longer term daters, was a guy we’ll call Camaro. We were dating casually and I was continuing to go on dates with other guys while doing so and I’m pretty sure he was seeing other girls as well. It was during this time I started talking to this guy who was in the navy. The idea of dating someone in the military was kind of “eh” to me; I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about it. Regardless, I gave in and we setup a date.

I just need to vent a little


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While I’m always proud of my man for serving our country, sometimes the military just plain sucks.

I haven’t seen my DF (Dear Fiance) in about 2 months now and I was looking oh so forward to seeing him in 2 weeks time in Hawaii (his current station) but of course that would be too good to be true. What happened? DF’s sub decided to do sea trials THE SAME EXACT WEEK as I was planning on going!!! That WOULD be my luck!! At first it was fine, because he would get back (after about 5 days at sea) the same day I would get there, but on Tuesday I find out they delayed the trials a day and yesterday I find out they delayed it another day…. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to explain it.

There are time constraints as well… DF is being stationed in Guam by November and I start school again at the end of August. I am in the medical field and will, quite literally, have no time off until I graduate in the spring (maybe a few days for Christmas…). His schedule is beyond unpredictable and he may not have any time to see me for the next year (nor was I planning on him having any time). This makes the time crunch so stressful. We have set a new trip goal for the middle of August, but first he must find out more about the sea trials and if there will be anymore after this initial one that ruined my hopes and dreams. Even if they say “no” now, they always have that right to change their minds and boy do they do that often. DF was supposed to snoop into it today and let me know when he calls tonight, here’s hoping for some good news for once.

I’ll provide some background to DF and I’s relationship later… I just really had to let that all out. I’ve been so stressed and anxious about the whole thing and there’s nothing either of us can do to help it along.